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  • Allaire School, Grades 1 - 8, Corte Madera  

    Allaire is a day school committed to educating students with learning disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD.  Allaire's goal is to teach children to compensate for their learning disabilities, to become independent learners, to be good citizens and to become productive, creative members of our society. Students must have average to above or gifted intelligence.

  • Anova Center for Education, Grades K - 12, Santa Rosa/San Rafael/Concord

    Anova is Northern California’s most trusted provider of educational, behavioral, and therapy services for children and teens (ages 5 through 22) diagnosed with high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, social and emotional challenges, learning differences, and other neuro-developmental impairments. 

  • Athena Academy, Grades 2 - 5, Palo Alto

    Athena Academy is a nonprofit, private elementary school devoted to teaching students with the gift of dyslexia.  We serve bright students with dyslexia who are otherwise capable learners. We aim to produce well-rounded students, supporting their weaknesses and developing their gifts.  These children will excel in so many ways, possessing gifts and perspectives not typical in other students. 

  • Bayhill High School, Grades 9 - 12, Oakland

    The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with language-based learning differences, focusing on their individual learning needs, with the goal of maximizing their inherent abilities and their potential to achieve success.

  • Charles Armstrong School, Grades 1 - 8, Belmont 

    Charles Armstrong School is the San Francisco Bay Area’s independent elementary and middle school for students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Since 1968, CAS has helped thousands of students discover that learning can be a rewarding experience – by helping them gain the reading, writing, speaking and/or math skills that eluded them in traditional schools. CAS places major emphasis on helping students discover and develop their strengths.

  • Chartwell School, Grades 1 - 8, Seaside 

    Chartwell School's mission is to educate children with a wide range of language-related visual and auditory learning challenges in a way that provides them with the learning skills and self-esteem necessary to return successfully to mainstream education. Chartwell also helps individuals with specific learning challenges access their full potential by providing leading-edge education, research and community outreach.  Located in Seaside, California, servicing grades 1 through 8.

  • Compass High School, Grades 9-12, Redwood City

    Compass High School provides a multifaceted educational program for students with learning differences. Our supportive, individualized approach not only includes a college preparatory program, but also offers students and their families integrated services and support. We help students develop their full academic potential, critical learning strategies, social competence, and self-advocacy so Compass High School graduates will have the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.
  • Eagle Hill School, College Preparatory, Hardwick, MA

    Eagle Hill School is a co-educational college preparatory boarding school that provides an individualized education for students with language based learning (dis)abilities including Dyslexia and Dysgraphia as well as students with ADD (inattentive type), Dyscalcula or NLD. With an average class size of five students, learning is individualized and tailored to meet the specific learning needs of each student. Eagle Hill School will provide remedial instruction in any subject area where a student is working below grade level.

  • Laurel School, Grades K - 8, San Francisco  

    The Laurel School serves students with learning differences and students who benefit from a small class size. In a community that nurtures mutual respect and compassion, the Laurel School cultivates the academic potential of each child through multimodal, differentiated instruction. By teaching learning strategies, self advocacy skills, and social competence, The Laurel School prepares students for the next level of education.

  • Lydian Academy, Grades 9-12, Menlo Park  

    Lydian Academy is a unique high school offering a success-based, personalized approach to learning. Instruction is one-to-one, from remedial to Advanced Placement. Our college prep courses are UC-approved and count towards college eligibility. Students enroll to complete high school requirements and earn their diploma, to receive extra support before transitioning to a larger setting, to bridge a gap between placements, or for a blended program with Lydian and their regular high school. We accept new students year-round.

  • Mid-Peninsula High School, Menlo Park

    Our school's mission and program are designed to create a stimulating, nurturing and safe community for learning that recognizes unique learning styles, creates flexible academic programs and strengthens students' relationships with their families and community, so the students are empowered to reach their academic and social potential. We are a school where families of diverse backgrounds share the common values of respect, kindness, acceptance and responsibility for themselves and others.

  • Orion Academy, Grades 9 - 12, Moraga 

    Orion Academy provides a quality college-preparatory program for secondary students whose academic success is compromised by a neurocognitive disability such as Aspergers syndrome, or NLD (Non-verbal Learning Disorder).

  • Raskob Institute & Day School, Grades 3 - 8, Oakland

    Full academic program serving bright children with language based learning disabilities (LD) and/ or other academic difficulties

  • Red Hill Academy, ages 14 to 17, San Anselmo

    Red Hill Academy is a specialized day and boarding school for adolescents ages 14 to 17 who struggle with learning differences and emotional difficulties. 

    Located in San Anselmo, California, Red Hill Academy combines high-quality, structured academics with individualized therapeutic treatment. Students benefit from services including educational therapy and testing, enriching after-school activities and professional mental health services.

  • Russell Bede School, Grades 1 - 6, San Mateo 

    Russell Bede School serves students who have average to above average ability, but are challenged by communication difficulties, language-related learning problems or have alternative learning styles.

  • Sand Hill School, Grades K-5, Palo Alto 

    Sand Hill School provides a joyful and personalized learning environment for young, bright children with learning, attention and social challenges. We revitalize confidence and love of learning by helping children acquire the skills and resiliency needed to thrive at home, at school and in life. Sand Hill features small, multiage classes with a 6:1 student teacher ratio, extraordinary master teachers, integration of occupational therapists, speech pathologists and education specialists. At Sand Hill, children learn to love school again.

  • Springstone School, Grades 6 - 12, Lafayette  

    The Springstone School is an independent middle school that serves students with Asperger's Syndrome, Non-verbal Learning Disability and other executive function challenges. All instruction integrates pragmatic language, occupational therapy, organizational skills and life skills in the classroom and in the community. We believe our students will succeed in academic and social settings when they are part of a community that understands, accepts, and challenges them.Mateo, California, servicing students grades 1 through 6.

  • Stanbridge Academy, Grades K-12, San Mateo

    Stanbridge Academy is a K-12 school for children with mild to moderate learning disabilities. The school and staff are dedicated to providing students with small, structured classes, individualized and differentiated instruction following Common Core, California standards-based curriculum. Our education program addresses the whole child, with focus on both academic and social growth. Our unique and effective experiential program utilizes off-campus activities to enhance and complement classroom learning and promotes student personal growth.

  • Star Academy, Grades 1-10, San Rafael

    Star Academy serves students with learning differences in grades 1-12. This comprehensive individualized program features small class sizes, multi-sensory instruction and one-on-one support from a broad range of on-site learning specialists. Located in San Rafael (Marin County), Star Academy draws students from all over the Greater Bay Area.
  • Stellar Academy for Dyslexics, Grades 1 - 8, Newark 

    Stellar Academy is a private, co-educational, nonprofit elementary school  that provides alternative instruction that meets the needs of children who suffer with symptoms of dyslexia. This specialized instruction is the Slingerland® approach.

  • Sterne School, Grades 5-12, San Francisco

    Sterne School is committed to educating students with learning differences and providing them with the skills and strategies necessary to reach their academic potential. Through a hands-on and individualized program that focuses on academic and social development, Sterne is dedicated to educating its students for the challenges of life.

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