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Alan Siegel, Ph.D.

Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Testing-Licensed Psychologist PSY8913
Phone: (510)527 7929
Address: Offices in Elmwood/Rockridge in the East Bay and in SF near Laurel Village.

Alan Siegel, Ph.D. has 30 years of experience doing psychoeducational, neuropsychological and psychological evaluations of children and adults. He has helped students from over 100 different schools and dozens of colleges to obtain academic and test accommodations from elementary through graduate school and for professional examinations. He is Associate Clinical Professor, UC Berkeley, and was the Supervising Psychologist at the Child Development Center at CPMC in San Francisco. He practices in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Anne Khalifeh, Psy.D.
Neuropsychological & Psychological Assessment Services
Phone: (415) 699-8737
Address: SF and Marin

Dr. Khalifeh has more than 10 years of experience providing psychological assessments, psychoeducational assessments, neuropsychological evaluations and disability evaluations. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Khalifeh teaches doctoral level assessment courses at Alliant International University and serves as the neuropsychologist at the Hallowell Center.  Dr. Khalifeh is also an active member of the Northern California Neuropsychology Forum. Please contact Dr. Khalifeh directly for more information.

Linda Hornbostel, PhD
Psychological and Neuropsychological Services
Phone: (415) 775-0594
Address: 3527 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94118

Dr. Hornbostel is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in providing psychoeducational, psychological and neuropsychological assessment in the diagnosis of ADHD, Processing or Learning Disorders, Aspergers and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, head injury and other brain-related disorders.  Comprehensive evaluation includes written report, consultation, attendance at IEP or 504  meetings and,if necessary, documentation of accommodations for college and post-graduate examinations and licensing boards.  Provide individual and family psychotherapy. Free phone consultations to PEN families.

Nina Kaiser, PhD
Phone: (415) 271-3245
Address: 1849 B Union Street, San Francisco

I am a licensed psychologist with 10 years’ experience working with children/teens with attentional, behavioral, social, or emotional problems (e.g., ADHD, inattention, impulsivity, oppositional behavior, anxiety), and collaborative problem-solving with parents and teachers. I provide: Diagnostic and psychoeducational assessments; Individual therapy for children/teens; Support groups for teens with ADHD; Individual behavioral parenting coaching and school-based interventions; Parenting groups; Teacher workshops and individual coaching on classroom behavior management strategies.

Pathways Institute
educational, psychoeducational, psychological assessments & psychological treatment
Phone: (415) 267-6916
Location: The Hayes Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco

We provide psychoeducational testing, consultation, and reports with understandable explanations for parents and teachers, and second opinions on school-based testing. We help parents navigate the next steps of diagnosis, intervention, and remediation, and offer therapy to support parents through the complex experience of raising a child with learning and/or attention differences. We also offer groups for kids and teens, helping them to build resiliency, understand how they learn, and how to advocate for themselves.

The Pratt Center
Psychology Clinic 
Phone:(650) 949-2997
Address:4 Main Street, Suite 110, Los Altos, CA 94022

Whether a child is inattentive, anxious, sad or struggling to learn, parents may feel unsure of the best ways to help. Through psychological testing and educational support, we guide parents in a compassionate way to a better understanding of the issues and effective solutions. We completed comprehensive psychological testing that is parent-friendly, and we attend school meetings to explain results and work with the team to developed strategies to support your child.

Sumana Kaipa, PsyD
Neuropsychological Assessment
Phone: (510) 689-1051
Address: 3120 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 2, Berkeley, CA 94705

Dr. Kaipa provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations and consultation regarding diagnosis, recommendations for treatment or accommodations, and strategies for psychological or academic success. In addition to private practice, she teaches and supervises doctoral students at the Wright Institute.

Susan Enochs, Ph.D.
Assessment of children, adolescents, adults
Phone: (650) 619-7677
Address: 1650 Borel Place Ste 125 San Mateo, CA 94402

Dr. Enochs specializes in psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and psychological assessment of children, adolescents, college students, and adults. She has been helping students and adults for over 17 years. Evaluations are often conducted for giftedness, ADHD, Aspergers, high functioning autism, PDD, learning disabilities, neurocognitive disorders, depression, and anxiety, as well as eligibility for accommodations on standardized testing.

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