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Speaker Series

“PEN enables parents and teachers to better understand the others' perspectives and work—together—in the best interests of the child. PEN offers an unparalleled collection of meetings, lectures and seminars that are receiving national attention.”
— Rick Lavoie

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EdRev 2017 will take place Saturday April 22nd!

Families with students with learning and attention difference often deal with a great deal of financial stress as a result of finding their students the support they need; educators who support students with learning and attention differences often deal with limited professional development funding. Started in 2004, Parent Education Network’s (PEN) groundbreaking Speakers Series makes experts in the fields of educational research, neuroscience, brain development, advocacy and medicine available to families and educators at a low cost. 

Speaker Series events usually take place once a month during the academic year. Over the years, speakers have included experts and authors in the field of learning and attention differences such as Bob Brooks, Tina Payne Bryson, Rick Lavoie, Nancy Mather, Sanford Newmark among others. Workshop titles have included A Strengths Based Approach to ADHD, Resilient Kids Resilient Families, There Are No IEPs in College and Dyslexia: Translating Scientific Progress in Policy and Practice.

Parents who join PEN as members receive a discount on Speaker Series events. Faculty and staff at PEN member schools receive free admission to Speaker Series events.