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“I realized that as an individual with a learning disability I needed to help others find their voice and path to success. This is what SAFE is all about: inspiring, influencing and instigating change in the LD community and the world in which we live and learn.”

— Natalie Tamburello, founding SAFE member

Visit for information about EdRev, our annual gathering at AT&T Park, San Francisco.
EdRev 2017 will take place Saturday April 22nd!

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Student Advisors for Education



SAFE is a community of teens with learning and attention differences (LD), such as dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, executive function variances and other similar learning challenges.* These teens seek to change the belief that having a LD is a bad thing and, instead, demonstrate their many strengths.

SAFE students performing a songThey are passionate about learning differently! They find their unique leadership style and advocate for themselves in their education. They pursue their fullest potential by spreading awareness of their capacity for academic and life success.

SAFE students want to break down old educational beliefs that there’s something wrong with the way they learn. The do this by making connections with other kids in their communities and by standing up and speaking out!

Teens who attend SAFE meetings discover how to talk to their teachers and classmates about their experiences with LD. SAFE teens meet monthly and share how they learn, think, and experience the world. During these meetings they:

  • Learn about personal advocacy for LD
  • Share their stories
  • Schedule and prepare for panel discussions about LD
  • Work on team-guided projects such as writing a book, or creating artwork, or producing music together
  • Plan activities for EdRev and EdRev-Up

Students between the ages of 13 to 19 who may be interested in joining one of the branches of SAFE, please email Current groups include Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Monterey. An East Bay group is currently in the development phase, too!

We are always looking for volunteers who have a passion for supporting students with learning and attention differences! We especially need people who:

  • Are connected to a network of local resources such as learning specialists, schools, and students
  • Have experience working collaboratively with student groups and clubs
  • Have expertise in education
  • Have a strength-based view of students with LD!

If this describes you, contact us:

SAFE students at EdRevStudent speaking at EdRev-Up

*Learning differences is the term PEN uses to describe what is commonly referred to as learning disabilities, specific learning issues, learning difficulties, and general learning disabilities. Students with these differences may or may not be placed in special education programs. (back)