Parents Education Network and CHC are joining forces.

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“PEN enables parents and teachers to better understand the others' perspectives and work—together—in the best interests of the child. PEN offers an unparalleled collection of meetings, lectures and seminars that are receiving national attention.”
— Rick Lavoie

Visit for information about EdRev, our annual gathering at AT&T Park, San Francisco.
EdRev 2017 will take place Saturday April 22nd!


Parents Education Network (PEN) operates several regional Chapters. Each is a group of volunteer parents that organize local gatherings and coordinate programming with the PEN national office in San Francisco. PEN Chapters organize local events such as Speaker Series workshops and in some cases run SAFE monthly student groups. Each PEN Chapter retains a distinct regional flavor that reflects local realities while adhering to the stated mission and goals of national organization.

PEN currently has affiliates in Los Angeles (CA,) Phoenix (AZ,) Sacramento (CA,) and Silicon Valley (CA).

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