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Survey for Parents on Educational Choices

February 08, 2011 3:38 PM | PEN (Administrator)
Dear Friends at PEN,

Chartwell School ( and is working with the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Consulting Team to better understand the decision process that families go through as they try to find the best educational solution for their child. As part of the study, the ACT team has designed a survey to help clarify the different factors that are important in a family’s decision about enrolling their child in a specialized school.

We invite you to participate in the survey by clicking the link below. It will take about 15 minutes and may be taken completely anonymously. The results will, we hope, allow us to plan the best ways to expand The New High School Project and help more teens with learning variations. We hope the results will also be useful to other schools, educators, and families, and will be happy to share them with PEN and its members. Please contact Marli Melton at 831.394.3468 or with any questions.

Helpful tips:

If you need to leave and survey and return, click on the Exit the survey text in the upper left, or just close your browser. You should be able to return the survey later and finish.

Do not press “submit” or “done” until you are finished.

When you are asked for a number or amount, use plain, whole numbers only. Do NOT use a $ or a , or a decimal point (for example, $2,257.48 should be written 2257).


Thank you very much!

Marli Melton
Director of Institutional Advancement
Chartwell School


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