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Executive Director's Letter Fall 2015

Posted: September 16, 2015

Dear PEN Members and Friends,

I hope that you all had a chance to enjoy the summer, relax and re-energize for the new  year.

Here at PEN we spent the summer working on the upcoming speaker series events, thinking about EdRev 2016 and creating a plan to reach all those interested in bringing PEN to support their local communities.

At our core PEN is a community of parents bound together by the common experiences of living with learning and attention differences, a community that works collaboratively with educators and students to change how children with learning and attention differences can access information, learning and ultimately happy independent lives. We have seen, firsthand, the positive changes that come from educating ourselves about how our kids learn best, building community, and spreading awareness by sharing our stories and experiences and listening to what our children have to say about how they learn. We have also seen how the PEN community affected the understanding of learning and attention issues in the greater community, ultimately resulting in more positive outcomes for all students.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest study by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Student Voices: A Study of Young Adults with Learning and Attention Issues, you might want to look it over and share it with others.

The study segments young adults with learning and attention issues intro three groups—those who struggle, cope and thrive—based on their self-confidence and how supported by their community they feel.

The young adults who did thrive shared credited the following experiences:

  • A supportive home life
  • A strong connection to friends and community
  • A strong sense of self-confidence

For more detailed information please follow the link or visit

I would like to encourage you to join PEN as a member—your membership fees allow us to provide families and educators with the knowledge and community of support to raise young adults that thrive.

This year your membership provides substantial discounts to the many speaker series and professional development events in an increasing variety of locations, access to members-only events and parent support groups, and discounts at EdRev.

It also allows PEN to continue to reach more families with a message of strength, hope and support.

Thank you, parents, educators, students and other professionals for all you do to improve the chances our young people have to find success and understanding.


Laura Maloney
Executive Director, PEN