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EdRev 2016 Art Contest Winners

Posted: May 20, 2016

“A.C.” by Annika Timmerman (far right)

This year's EdRev Art Show featured over 300 works showcasing the incredible talents of students in our community. The contest winners were:

Visual Art

1) “A.C.” by Annika Timmerman,  Grade 11/Age 17, Bay Hill High School

2) “Space Candy” by Xander Nuñez,  Grade 8/Age 14, Sterne School

Written Word

1) "The Lock" by Hayes Sherman, Grade 6/Age 12, Sterne School

2) "Wilted Flower #10" by Christian Helgelson, Grade 11/Age 16, Bentley Upper School


1) “When Are You Even Going to See” by Anna Olson, Grade 12/Age 17, Pacific Collegiate School

2) “Super Secret Sterne Spies” by Daniel Scheider, Grade 7/Age 13, The Sterne School

3) “Battle of the Bands; Obesity” by Chris Rosales, Grade 11/Age 16, Stanbridge Academy

Honorable mention: “Barstool Dreamers" by Emma Luong , Grade 11/Age 17, San Mateo High School


1) “Beam Me Up” by Daniel-Pablo Rossner, Grade 9/Age 14, Palo Alto Prep

2) “Whole New World” by Sean Nesamoney,  Grade 4/Age 10, Phillips Brooks

Learning Differently

1) Visual: "Don’t Box Me In” by Jimmy Reidy, Grade 4/Age 11 St. Gabriel School

2) Video: "Perfect" by Sage Wagner,  Grade 5/Age 10, Sand Hill School

Congratulations to the winners and all of the participants! Thank you for making another successful, beautiful art show possible at EdRev this year.



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