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Our Programs

“PEN enables parents and teachers to better understand the others' perspectives and work—together—in the best interests of the child. PEN offers an unparalleled collection of meetings, lectures and seminars that are receiving national attention.”
— Rick Lavoie

Visit for information about EdRev, our annual gathering at AT&T Park, San Francisco.
EdRev 2017 will take place Saturday April 22nd!

We focus on delivering high-impact, high-quality programs to help parents, educators and students become more informed around learning and attention issues.   We deliver this through:

  • Lectures and Workshops – Local and nationally renowned experts to speak with parents and educators throughout the year. 
  • EdRev – national conference with renowned speakers, educators and resources to help families discover how to help their kids on their learning journey. 
  • School Liaisons and Support Groups – training programs to local parent volunteers creates a bridge between PEN and the school administration.   We also help parents of LD kids to set up a parent support and advocacy group at their schools. 
  • SAFE – a student-led community that strives to educate, mentor and support students, parents and teachers regarding the challenges and strengths of students with learning and attention issues.
  • E-Newsletter and Hosted Web Content – monthly e-newsletter and rich web resources