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ED Greeting

“PEN enables parents and teachers to better understand the others' perspectives and work—together—in the best interests of the child. PEN offers an unparalleled collection of meetings, lectures and seminars that are receiving national attention.”
— Rick Lavoie

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“Learning disabilities are not a prescription for failure. With the right kinds of instruction, guidance and support, there are no limits to what individuals with LD can achieve.”

I love starting the dialogue here.  It is the fundamental tenet of PEN that each child has their own unique learning journey irrespective of learning or attention issue but that children with learning and attention issues have a bigger barrier to find their path because often their learning environment is not set up to support them. 

The numbers around learning and attention differences speak for themselves:

  • About 6.4M children have received an ADHD diagnosis at some point
  • 2.4M American public school students (~5% of the total public school enrollment) have been identified with learning disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 
  • 7 out of 10 parents, educators and members of the general public incorrectly link learning disabilities with an intellectual disability and autism
  • 1 in every 2 students with LD faced a school disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion
  • Back students with disabilities are almost 3x as likely to experience out-of-school suspension or expulsion than white students with disabilities

We have to break down the barriers for children with learning and attention issues.  We think that dialog starts with the parent education.   As parents find their voice, connect with other parents and discover the resources that can better help their child, we think several things happen:

  • Parents reduce their anxiety and develop the foundation to better help their child.
  • Parents operate from a place where they can work in greater collaboration with the child’s teacher and school district.
  • Kids are more confident and get the resources they need to be successful.
  • Kids begin to self-advocate and create their own learning journey.

We are passionate about this journey and are unrelenting in our pursuit to help other parents lessen their anxiety, grow their understanding and ultimately see the statistics start to change. 

      Laura Maloney
      Executive Director